Unfortunately, there will be no leagues this summer.

Mid Coast Maine Athletic Association

Consession Stand Sponsorships

Offer reasonably priced food and they will come...

The consession stand will be providing hamburgers, hot dogs and drinks to the players, parents and spectators at reasonable prices. The Sponsorship funds will be used to purchase the food supplies, napkins and condiments such as ketchup, mustard and relish.

Consession Stand Sponsorships can be for weekly games or full season based. We are estimating $75 per week in supplies.

With your sponsorship a sign will be posted front and center of the stand stating: Consessions Sponsored by: (Company/Your Name)

Feed a hungry Player...or Parent...or Spectator!

Team Sponsorships

Wanna go back in the day? Live vicariously through team sponsorships!

Team Sponsorships are similar to Little League sponsorships except the players will not have your name on their jersey. NFL Flag jersey's are team identifiable and we are not able to put another company's name on them.

Each team sponsored will have a sign on their sideline stating This Team is Sponsored by: (Company/Your Name)

By sponsoring a team - you save the families of that team the cost of the registration fee for the season. This years registration fee is $65 per player and each team will have up to 10 players for a total of $650 per sponsorship.

Go ahead...re-live those glory days...